Compact Z stage with100µm range.  Designed with a low-profile for easy integration with standard, large-range stages for inverted microscopes. It can be used in Atomic Force Microscopy Applications to provide long-range Z motion.

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nPoint has developed a stage that can easily mount on manual rotation stages of upright microscopes. These are typically stereoscopic microscopes that are used in petrographic analysis. The thin profile of the stage allows for rotation without any interference with the microscope objectives. This allows the automation of point-and-count applications.

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The Robert Stobie Visible Spectrograph (RSS-VIS) is the first-generation, multi-purpose spectrograph on SALT (SALT is a 10m class telescope situated in Sutherland, South Africa). The Near InfraRed Robert Stobie Spectrograph (RSS-NIR) is a near infrared arm built on the original instrument to extend its capabilities into the near infrared. The versatility of RSS results in […]

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