Multiphoton Microscopy

Multiphoton microscopy provides optical sectioning capabilities to depths of greater than 1mm at diffraction limit resolution. Compared to confocal, multiphoton microscopy allows deeper imaging into tissue, making it the technique of choice for thicker tissue specimens, such as brain slices or tumor or lymph node explants, as well is intravital imaging in small animal models.  […]

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ScanImage Compatibility with nPoint Nanopositioners

ScanImage was developed as a laser scanning software tool that can be used for custom microscopes. This allows the user to customize hardware for challenging applications where commercial microscopes may not be a good fit. ScanImage is an open source platform designed to integrate various hardware suppliers depending on the needs of the user. nPoint […]

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Clarkson University

AFM cantilever force, f, plotted versus distance, h, from normal (green) and cancerous (red) cell bodies. Cancerous cells show significantly different force behavior compared to normal cells (highlighted by the circle). Data were collected in force-volume mode with a Dimension 3100 AFM with an NPXY100Z25A scanner from nPoint. Image adapted from Iyer et al; Nature […]

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