Tip Tilt Piezo Stage Mirror Mounting

A tip tilt piezo stage provides the opportunity to dynamically scan a mirror with extreme precision and control. Piezo mirrors are used for laser beam steering and image stabilization applications. There are a variety of options built into nPoint systems for mounting purposes. Below are only a few suggestions, as custom mounting platforms and stages […]

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Using nPoint Piezo Stages with Auto Focus Systems

Auto Focus systems are developed to maintain precision focus over extended periods of time and can be used to automate image acquisition while scanning objects. Auto Focus systems combined with piezo stages can produce images with speed and precision even with varying environmental conditions. Auto Focus systems can be combined with conventional microscopes in many […]

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Quadrature Interferometer Sensor Integration for Closed-loop Feedback

This article provides data that demonstrate the capability of nPoint controllers to integrate with quadrature sensor signals for closed-loop feedback. In some applications using an external sensor such as an interferometer can be essential in order to compensate for drift or maintain position in an entire system.  Adding this capability eliminates the need for internal […]

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