Compact Coarse-Fine XYZ Scanning System

nPoint has developed a compact coarse-fine XYZ scanning system that can be used in many applications, including optical alignment. The system uses the nPoint nPCube stage and the attocube ECS industrial line stages.

Up to 6 axes of motion can be controlled via a single GUI. The end product can be a combination of up to 3 axes of large motion and 3 axes of fine motion. The photo below shows the nPCube mounted on an ECSxy5050 stage. This example configuration allows 25mm of XY large motion and 100um of XYZ fine motion. The nPCube can also be configured as a XY or XZ stage.

All typical functionality of the nPoint systems is now available for any axis of motion (user-selected). This includes Raster Scanning, Spiral Scanning, Trajectory Control, and Waveform Generation. All 6 positions can be monitored and recorded simultaneously as well as two additional external signals connected to controller analog input BNC’s.

Typical 100um scanning patterns and external signal recording can be completed in less than 1 sec.

nPoint can assist with custom application development. This can include software and hardware modifications to meet specific customer goals.  For more information please contact us.

Interferometer Data of 80µm Raster Scanning with nPCube on the ECSxy5050 stage

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