nPoint, Inc. provides nanopositioning solutions for a wide variety of applications. We design and manufacture piezo flexure stages and nanopositioning electronics for OEM, industry, and research.

Founded in 1997 and based in Middleton, Wisconsin, we are proud that our products are made in the USA. Our in-house team of software, electrical, and mechanical engineers allow us to provide unparalleled responsive technologies and of course unbeatable responsive support.

Why choose nPoint?

Customers look to us when:

  • Striving for the latest in nanopositioning technology
  • Ready for high quality products that offer the precision they need
  • Looking for great service and quick turnarounds
  • In need of a custom design to better achieve their goals
  • Committed to better performance through product integration with an experienced team
  • Looking for best-in-class precision piezo stages with capacitive sensing technology

nPoint’s dedicated engineers, scientists, and operations staff are committed to providing our customers with outstanding products and services. Our team works with our customers to understand their goals and provide appropriate solutions. In addition to our extensive standard product line, nPoint can develop custom solutions to meet many unique requirements. From the researcher who needs a single product to OEMs that require many identical units, nPoint has the experience, ability, and knowledge to find the right solution.

Our design and engineering team has extensive experience in mechanical, electronics, and controls engineering. Understanding of the multitude of factors that impact nanopositioning performance is crucial to our ability to design the highest specification products in the industry. Our engineers are dedicated to working with our customers to ensure that we understand your needs. To constantly push the limits of nanopositioning, nPoint engineers use state-of-the-art design tools, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Our operations team is focused on ensuring that our products consistently exceed the customer’s expectation. Our mission is always to deliver high-quality products, on time. We pride ourselves in prompt service and support, before and after every sale. Our rigorous manufacturing and testing procedures ensure that our customers always receive the product they expect.

With over twenty years experience, we are proud to be known for having the highest quality products on the market. Our customers come to us for our products, but they stay with us for our service. We value the relationships we build with customers; together we have been able to facilitate amazing scientific achievements across countless fields.

Recent advances in medical research and diagnostics are providing a wealth of information and demanding faster life science instrument throughput. Imaging techniques are often used during data acquisition whether this involves DNA sequencing or cancer research. Many of the techniques benefit from the fast and repeatable motion of piezo stages. nPoint is proud to provide products to enable research and detection of diseases such as cancer to benefit human health.

nPoint, Inc. Middleton, Wisconsin, USA Nanopositioner Manufacturer

nPoint, Inc. specializes in piezo actuator driven flexure stages available in one, two or three axes of motion. Our ultra-precision motion control scanners and controllers provide users with the highest level of performance available in the marketplace. With design and production facilities located in Middleton, WI and distribution channels throughout the world, nPoint provides each of our customers the same outstanding service regardless of the application. Our product lines include standard products consisting of upgrade kits for your AFM and stand alone research instruments, a growing list of OEM applications and custom design for your unique research application. Let nPoint be your complete nanopositioning solution provider.


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