EPICS Compatibility with nPoint Piezo Stages


EPICS or the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System, was developed jointly between Los Alamos and Argonne National Laboratories. As a software infrastructure, EPICS is used on beamlines, large telescopes, and for large experiments where many computers and instruments are networked together. At Argonne’s Avanced Photon Source (APS), EPICS is used within the control system for the accelerator and has proven a reliable high bandwidth control system over the years. EPICS is an open source platform with no license fees.


EPICS Control Parameters Window

EPICS device support code for the nPoint LC.400 Series DSP Controller is available through nPoint. The LC.400 series DSP controllers are specially designed to control nPoint nanopositioners. They are available in 1-channel, 2-channel and 3-channel configurations (1, 2, or 3 axes of motion). A basic nanopositioning system consists of the nanopositioner, the controller and software. The controller can be controlled through a USB interface for use with EPICS. Both Windows and Linux operating systems can be used.


EPICS Wavetable Window

The nPoint EPICS software module contains driver and device support code for EPICS records to be used with the nPoint LC.400 motion controller. The module contains an EPICS database template file containing a set of records providing the features provided over the LC.400 command interface. A demonstration application is provided, configured to work with an LC.400 controller.


Channel Selection Example – Up to 3 Channels Can Be Used

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