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Laboratory Automation Demo 4

Laboratory Automation

The 3-Axis LGS + Wedge Stage system allows users to traverse up to 300mm in the XY direction with accuracies in the 20um range and 25mm in the Z direction with accuracies in the 5um range. The wedge lift stage that comprises the base of this system provides excellent stability during elevation while the wider LGSW stage of the X axis gives the carried Y axis added stiffness. Ball screws driven by all on one IMS smart motors provide a robust, reliable system with filly integrated drives and controls, ideal for sample positioning/handling. Covers provide protection for moving parts in liquid handling applications.

Products used in the Life Science demo


Linear Guide Stages(LGS)nPL70 Stage

Our (LGS) linear-guide stages offer high-performance linear positioning at an economical price. Ball-screw and/or lead-screw versions are available to meet your application needs.

The LGS family includes 60-mm-wide models in the industry-standard heights of 25 mm (LGS25) and 33 mm (LGS33). To provide greater stability for oversized loads, the LGSW33 features a rail spacing of 120 mm. Repeatability ranges from 10 µm to 100 µm.



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