LC.300 Series Nanopositioning Controller from nPoint

The LC.300 Series Piezo Controller is the latest addition to nPoint’s nanopositioning electronics. This new closed-loop controller is designed to address OEM applications that benefit from speed, precision, and flexibility but do not require the advanced feature set of the LC.400 Piezo Controller.

LC.300 Digital Controllers are designed to operate closed-loop, flexure-guided nanopositioners, with smooth linear motion and nanometer precision. nPControl Basic Software offers the ability to easily change PID control parameters and apply notch filters via Windows-based GUI. Controllers are compatible with capacitive or strain gauge sensing technology for closed-loop operation. The LC.300 was designed with a small footprint for simple integration into OEM environments. When combined with nPoint’s line of nanopositioning stages, the LC.300’s 20-bit resolution provides sub-nanometer positioning capabilities. As the latest addition to nPoint’s nanopositioning electronics, the LC.300 Series can be used in a variety of industries as an OEM system component.

Application examples include: life science, microscopy, semiconductor, data storage, optics, materials science, and photonics packaging

Specifications for the LC.300 Series Controller

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