Life Science Demo

Life Science Demo 1

Life Science Demo

The 3-Axis nPL system allows the user to traverse distances of up to 150mm in the XY direction and 45mm in the Z direction with accuracies down to 4um and repeatabilities of 0.4um.  With a 10nm encoder, stabilities of a single count in either direction are possible with loads up to 2Kg.  Ideal for the rapid positioning of samples or optics, this setup is of particular interest to biomedical and precision optics customers who demand high accuracy and high throughput.

Products used in the Life Science demo

nPL70L StagenPL70 Stage

The nPL70L is the largest stage within the nPL70 family with a base length of 210mm. It can be configured with all four motors that are designed for the nPL70 family to provide application-specific performance. One analog and three digital encoder options are available.


nPL70Z StageZ Axis

The nPL70Z is a linear stage optimized for vertical use. It is offered with two types of external counterbalance, magnetic (MV) and pneumatic (PV). Two motors are available with this model: M1 and M2. M2 provides higher velocity and acceleration than M1. One analog and three digital encoder options are available.


Photonics West 2022 Stages

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