New NPXY300-291 Piezo Stage from nPoint


The NPXY300-291 nanopositioner is the latest addition to nPoint’s piezo stage lineup.  This new stage is designed for advanced research and OEM markets where speed, precision, and flexibility are paramount.

Middleton, WI – November 19, 2013 – The NPXY300-291 nanopositioning stage from nPoint is a piezo driven, flexure guided stage, designed for high speed and nanometer precision. The stage has a large aperture (85mm X 95mm) yet is very thin. (23mm). With a position noise of 1nm the NPXY300-291 provides the accuracy necessary for today’s advanced applications. When paired with the LC.402 DSP controller, the system provides closed-loop capability via capacitive sensors. The NPXY300-291 has travel of 300um in both the X and Y axis and with the large aperture, creates a great deal of flexibility for incorporation into optics and nanotechnology systems. A resonant frequency of 240Hz allows for scanning of up to 24Hz and settling times less than 20ms.

As the latest addition to nPoint’s piezo stage offering, the NPXY300-291 can be used in a variety of areas including research, manufacturing, and as an OEM system component.

Application examples include: near-field scanning optical microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, optical microscopy, lithography, nanometer-scale manipulation, metrology, and optical fiber alignment.

Specifications for the NPXY300-291 Piezo Stage

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