New Tip/Tilt Piezo Stage



A new tip tilt piezo stage with a 3mrad range of motion in each axis, the RXY3-276 is designed for applications where positioning speed and resolution are paramount.
Combined with the LC.402 nanopositioning controller the stage provides closed-loop control and position noise of less than 0.2urad.  This system is optimized for mirrors up to 3 inches in diameter.

Application Examples

– Beam Steering and Alignment

– Optical Microscopy

– Interferometry

– Lithography

– Image Resolution Enhancement – Dithering

About nPoint, Inc.

nPoint, Inc. specializes in piezo actuator driven flexure stages available in one, two or three axes of motion. Our high precision motion control scanners and controllers provide users with the highest level of performance available in the marketplace. nPoint is headquartered in Middleton, WI USA.

Stacy Wellford
Director of Public Relations
nPoint, Inc.
(001) 608.824.1770 x202

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