Tip Tilt Piezo Stage with Enhanced Precision


The RXY3-410 tip/tilt piezo stage is the latest addition to nPoint’s nanopositioning lineup.  This new stage is designed for advanced research and OEM markets where speed, precision, and flexibility are a priority.

The RXY3-410 nanopositioner is a piezo driven, flexure guided stage designed for high speed and sub-microradian precision. Having a position noise of 0.2 microradians with strain gauge sensors, this system provides the accuracy necessary for advanced applications.  This piezo stage can be paired with the LC.402 series DSP controller allowing for closed-loop capabilities. The device is characterized by a travel of 3mrad for tip and tilt motion and a resonant frequency of 1400Hz, which allows for fast scanning and settling times of less than 3 milliseconds. Additionally, the design provides pairing options for mirrors of 2 inches or larger. With a linearity of less than 0.02% the device offers greater accuracy and precision than other tip/tilt piezo stages on the market.

As the latest addition to nPoint’s piezo stage offering, the RXY3-410 can be used in a variety of areas including research, manufacturing, and as an OEM system component.

Application examples include:  beam steering, image stabilization, laser scanning, optical alignment, nanoscopy, and adaptive optics

Specifications for the RXY3-410

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