nPFocus Objective Z Piezo Positioner Set-Up

The nPFocus series piezo stages allow for fast, precision positioning of optics (often microscope objectives). Speed can be up to 10X faster that other motorized stages allowing for high speed 3D imaging, Z-stacks, and auto focus. Closed-loop control helps system dynamics and ensures position accuracy in the nanometer range. Capacitive sensors are available for high spec applications, while strain sensors can be used in cost prohibitive areas that don’t require sub-nanometer resolution. Stages can be configured for upright or inverted microscopes.

nPFocus piezo stages come in the following models:


Setting Up The Stage

The following video describes the steps for setting up the nPFocus series piezo stages including:

  • Kit Components
  • Changing Objective Adapters
  • Attaching the Piezo Stage to Microscope


Interface Options

  • Analog BNC -10V to 10V Standard (0 to 10V and other BNV voltages optional)
  • USB
  • 9-pin Digital I/O (RS232 Optional)
  • Other Options Available Upon Request


Software Compatibility

  • LabVIEW Drivers
  • uManager
  • Nikon Elements
  • ScanImage
  • nPControl


High Speed Scanning

nPControl software combined with closed-loop sensors built into the piezo stage, allow for high speed scanning through PID parameters and advanced control settings. Incorporation of these settings after the system is installed will allow the fastest response and settling times. The following video describes how this can be completed through nPControl Software standard with all closed-loop systems.

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