nPoint precision motion control products can be combined to create a complete solution for demanding applications. The precision stages and scanners include ball-screw and lead-screw stages as well as direct-drive stages that provide several mm of motion range. The nanopositioning stages and scanners are flexure-guided piezo actuators designed to achieve ultra high resolution, high resonant frequencies, and minimize parasitic motion. Capacitance, flexure-located strain gauge, piezo-located strain gauge or linear encoder sensor options provide design flexibility that allow the optimization of the stage form factor and performance characteristics for specific applications.

DSP based controllers with closed loop feedback eliminate linearity error, hysteresis, and drift. 20 bit controller resolution, 41.7 kHz control loop frequency, and minimized latency provide an ideal combination of accuracy and speed. User-adjustable DSP control loop filters and sensor monitor filters allow the user to optimize critical performance characteristics. Internal positioning functionality provides optimal velocity control that can be synchronized with other equipment via TTL logic. BNC analog inputs can be configured for 20 bit, high speed, low noise recording in order to correlate external signals with the piezo stage internal sensor. The cross platform USB DLL can be used in any software development environment, or the simple and efficient binary communication protocol can be used for Ethernet or RS-232 communication from a user developed program.

The nPControl software provides users with an intuitive PC interface to nPoint controllers. Step response tests allow the user to identify and control resonant frequencies after the piezo stage is mechanically integrated. Internal arbitrary waveform generation, trajectory control, and raster scan functions are easy to configure in the graphical user interface. Controller DSP and FPGA firmware can be easily updated via USB or Ethernet.

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