Photonics West 2022-Photonics Demo

Photonics West 2022-Photonics Demo 3

Photonics Demo

Piezo stages are often used in photonics alignment applications. These applications require fast and precise scanning capabilities while searching for optical intensity peaks.

Photonics Demo


Products used in the Photonics demo



The nPS35 are extremely compact stages with cross roller bearings. They are offered in both lead screw (LS) and ball screw (BS) versions. The lead screw option allows for lower cost and is especially helpful in vertical applications where self-locking is needed. The ball screw option is available for applications requiring higher efficiency, duty cycle or speed. The mounting pattern allows for seamless integration with the nPCube piezo stage.


nPCubePhotonics Demo

Combining the nPS35 stages with any X, XY or XYZ version of the nPCube creates multi axis systems that offer up to 12 mm of positioning range and high speed scanning necessary in Photonics, Precision Assembly and Biomedical applications.



                                       RXY20-476 tip-tilt stage

The RXY20-476 stage is a piezo-based fast steering mirror with large range. Fast- steering mirrors can achieve settling times on the order of ms and help in image stabilization.





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