Photonics West 2022-Vertical Focus Demo

Photonics West 2022-Vertical Focus Demo 2

Autofocus applications require rapid response and great stability, sometimes at the nm-level. Motion Solutions offer a variety of products that utilize different technologies to meet application-specific requirements. When less than 1mm of motion is required piezo stages typically outperform other solutions. They achieve nm-level stability and repeatability.

For longer travel precision electromechanical stages based on linear motors or screw-driven stages are used to achieve long distances of travel while still maintaining micron-scale accuracy. Equipped with precision linear guides and high-resolution closed-loop feedback, these mechanical stages can deliver great stiffness and in-position stability. Stepper-motor-driven stages also maintain position even with loss of power.

Hybrid stages combine piezo actuators with electromechanical positioners to deliver the best of both worlds – a stage that can repeatedly and accurately execute steps of only a few nanometers over ranges of multiple millimeters. The mechanical actuator performs the macro-scale positioning and the piezoelectric actuator completes the move with nanoscale resolution.

Products used in the Life Science demo

nPFocus400 nPL70 Stage

The nPFocus 400 is an objective piezo scanner that is offered with strain gage or capacitive sensor option. It offers nm-level accuracy and repeatability and works with a variety of objective loads.



Hybrid Stage – New Product in Beta PhasenPL70 Stage

This is a “sneak preview” of what is coming in 2022. Hybrid stages will be available in travel ranges from 10 to 50 mm. The user can select hybrid steps or piezo-only steps to optimize their processes. They use 1nm encoder.


100nm piezo-only steps recorded with an interferometer

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