Linear Motor Stages – nPL70

Linear Motor Stages – nPL70

The nPL70 stages feature a high-precision, compact design that enables seamless stacked configurations. These high-efficiency stages are excellent for scanning applications that require fast acceleration and velocity control. Multiple motor and resolution configurations, combined with a low 25mm profile, provide optimum motion control for precision scanning applications ranging from Semiconductor Fabrication to Life Sciences. The ironless linear motor, coupled with unique windings, eliminates cogging while maintaining high force density and smooth motion. High precision anti-creep cross-roller bearings maximize stiffness and minimize off-axis and angular errors.

The stages are available in three different base-lengths: 84 mm (nPL70S), 168 mm (nPL70M) and 210 mm (nPL70L). The 84mm base-length model is available in a vertical configuration (nPL70Z) with external magnetic or pneumatic counterbalance.

Four motor sizes provide speed and acceleration flexibility as required by the specific application.

Three digital encoder choices allow fine-tuning the accuracy and repeatability of each stage.

Our engineers are eager to identify the best configuration for your application. Contact us now.

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