Performance SpecificationsnPL70Z-M1nPL70Z-M2
Maximum Travel45 mm25 mm
Encoder resolution0.01 µm
0.1 µm
1.0 µm
0.01 µm
0.1 µm
1.0 µm
Accuracy (Full Travel ISO 230)4 µm
6 µm
10 µm
4 µm
6 µm
10 µm
Bi-directional Repeatability (Full Travel)± 0.4 µm
± 0.5 µm
± 2.0 µm
± 0.4 µm
± 0.5 µm
± 2.0 µm
Straightness & Flatness4 µm4 µm
Pitch & Yaw50 µrad50 µrad
Maximum Velocity (unloaded)1.30 m/s1.37 m/s
Normal Load Capacity0.8 Kg2.1 Kg
Peak Force11.9 N23.8 N
Continuous Force3.0 N6.0 N
Duty Cycle100%100%
Stage MaterialAlAl
Stage Mass563 gr588 gr
Moving Carriage Mass327 gr327 gr
Cable Length1 m1 m

Motor Control SpecificationsM1M2
Motor Constant 1.67 N/√W2.42 N/√W
Continuous Power 3.20 W6.10 W
Peak Power50.90 W97.10 W
Electrical Cycle21.00 mm21.00 mm
Max Bus Voltage60.00 V60.00 V
Max Coil Temperature125.00 °C125.00 °C
Thermal Dissipation Constant0.04 W/°C0.08 W/°C
Continuous Current1.70 Arms1.70 Arms
Peak Current6.80 Arms6.80 Arms
Force Constant1.75 N/Arms3.50 N/Arms
Back EMF Constant1.40 Vpk/(m/s)2.90 Vpk/(m/s)
Inductance0.11 mH0.22 mH
Thermal Resistance @25 °C1.10 Ohms2.10 Ohms
Electrical Time Constant0.10 ms0.10 ms

Vertical Counterbalance(CB) TypeCB ForceMax Travel
Magnetic (MV)3 N / 7 N20 mm, 25 mm
Pneumatic (PV)Up to 42 NUp to 45 mm

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