ScanImage Compatibility with nPoint Nanopositioners

ScanImage was developed as a laser scanning software tool that can be used for custom microscopes. This allows the user to customize hardware for challenging applications where commercial microscopes may not be a good fit. ScanImage is an open source platform designed to integrate various hardware suppliers depending on the needs of the user.


ScanImage Compatible LC.400 Controller

nPoint nPFocus piezo stages are now compatible with ScanImage software. Piezo stages allow for fast Z image stacks also known as volume imaging. Fast Z imaging allows for continuous stacks to be taken as opposed to slower Z stacks where images must be taken as “steps.”

nPFocus piezo stages come in the following models:


ScanImage Compatible nPFocus Piezo Stage

Two photon laser scanning microscopy (2PLSM) is commonly used to study living tissue such as neurons to better understand brain functions.

More Information can be found at the follow resources:

Vidrio Technologies – Took over development of ScanImage in January 2014

Janelia Farm Website

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