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AFM cantilever force, f, plotted versus distance, h, from normal (green) and cancerous (red) cell bodies. Cancerous cells show significantly different force behavior compared to normal cells (highlighted by the circle). Data were collected in force-volume mode with a Dimension 3100 AFM with an NPXY100Z25A scanner from nPoint. Image adapted from Iyer et al; Nature […]

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4 Examples of Nanopositioning in Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

TappingMode™ image of pentacene dendrites on a silicon dioxide substrate acquired with a MultiMode® AFM. Scan size = 11 µm. Image courtesy of Frisbie Group, University of Minnesota. 30µm scan of a lithography pattern created by charge deposition on Si sample. An Agilent 5100 AFM retrofitted with a 100×100µm nPoint scanner was used. Image courtesy […]

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