The New NPXY250-405 Piezo Stage



The NPXY250-405 piezo stage is the latest addition to nPoint’s nanopositioning lineup.  This stage is designed as an economical XY piezo flexure stage.

The NPXY250-405 nanopositioner is a piezo driven, flexure guided stage, designed for economical XY positioning and scanning. Having a position noise of 3nm with strain gauge sensors, this system provides the accuracy necessary for today’s advanced applications. When paired with a LC.400 series DSP controller, the piezo stage can obtain closed-loop capability. It has a travel of 250µm for positioning in the X and Y axes. The nanopositioner can be configured to hold many optics and samples and can be used for AFM scanning.

As the newest of nPoint’s piezo stage offerings, the NPXY250-405 can be used in a variety of areas including research, manufacturing, and as an OEM system component.

Application examples include:  optical microscopy, lithography, nanometer-scale manipulation, metrology, materials testing, optical fiber alignment, and scanning probe microscopy.

Specifications for the NPXY250-405

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