What materials are your stages available in?

nPoint’s stages are available in Aluminum, Super Invar and Stainless Steel.

Assuming the same mechanical design, an aluminum stage will have the highest resonant frequency, which will translate to higher scanning speeds and faster settling times. Aluminum exhibits a high strength to weight ratio making it an excellent choice for weight critical applications (e.g. aerospace). However, an aluminum stage is more susceptible to thermal drift.

The primary advantage of the Super Invar stages is the superb thermal stability. The thermal expansion co-efficient of Super Invar is approximately 50 times smaller than that of aluminum. When a stage is to be integrated into a larger instrument, the materials of the rest of the system’s components need to be taken into consideration.

nPoint has even employed multiple materials into a single stage design, thus utilizing the benefits of each material for optimum performance. Understanding the requirements and operating environment the stage will operate in will enable us to recommend the right material for your project.

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